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What do windows cost?

Do cheap windows provide real long term value for homeowners or just home sellers?


Cheap vinyl windows from Home Depot may work in some homes and situations but for the long term homeowner they may be a real waste of money.

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Well I seem to have gotten lucky and this amazingly empty page I whipped out one day, has high Google rankings for cheap vinyl windows. I suppose that means, because I am an authority, I should share some information on the subject. Have a look at our mission page to see why we're probably a pretty good authority on the subject.

Vinyl windows were perfected in the 80's and 90's and are a pretty great product today. Early concerns about them warping or melting have faded away with time. Today a cheap vinyl window means it's probably a builders grade window with a Low E glass package that meets code but may not have the longevity that a mid ranged or high end vinyl window might have.

Cheap is a relative term. All windows need glass, frame, sash frame members with lift rails and interlocks, latches and hopefully some type of metal or aluminum reinforcement in the horizontal meeting rails. This is more important than foam filling in the frame.

Better ones will have thicker extrusions and cheaper ones will have thin walls on what should be a multi-chamber frame with "hopefully" plenty of cross members within the frame to provide stability and support.

The question becomes "who makes cheap vinyl windows?" and even better... "who buys cheap vinyl windows?" 

Some of the cheap window suppliers we're familiar with would include Home Craftsman, Burris and Associates, Atrium Window Company, Thermal Industries aka Thermal Windows and Doors, are all great examples of cheap vinyl windows. JELD-WEN, Andersen and Pella also make a cheap vinyl window that is to a large degree for me, terribly disappointing. To learn more about some of these low cost products and their primary vendors have a look at our

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It will also have insight on many of the cheapest of window installation providers, namely, Windoor World, World of Windows and Siding, Window World, Clear Choice USA. All these providers have quality control issues with reviews that are astoundingly bad. A simple web search of Window World Complaints has literally hundreds and hundreds of horror stories.

Some window manufacturers build really cheap windows and some installation providers simply try to go cheap on labor and get a sharp pencil on an installed home improvement. Both approaches can have serious drawbacks and unintended consequences. For a great understanding of the cost of windows and how cheap vinyl plays into the equation have a look at this article I wrote on the subject.

The Cost of Windows

As for who buys them, the answer is builders. A home builder uses a builders grade vinyl window to keep costs down because he only has to warranty his home for one year to a new buyer. That means if he meets building code and the buyer likes the home, the windows become somewhat insignificant. This will apply to persons flipping houses and to persons who are about to sell a property.

Cheap vinyl windows are not a great plan if you intend to stay in your home for very long. They simply don't look very good after a few years. Mid ranged cost windows will have a better ability to look good and increase the home value over the course of time. They are thicker in appearance and better performing. They have a better ability to be moved out of square by the movement of the home and not be affected. One eighth of an inch of movement will make a cheap vinyl window perform poorly as it creates a crack that allows air infiltration.

Most builders grade windows have a 10 year or a five year warranty on glass seal failure as well as a warranty against factory defects, but that's not really a warranty as the problems the window is likely to have are not covered.

Good mid ranged cost windows will have a lifetime warranty and will be constructed with parts and pieces that can easily be replaced if they fail. This is a great thing when it comes to actually needing the window to work correctly and wanting the parts to make it happen.

Cheap windows by contrast do not have replaceable sash balances. These are the parts most likely to fail with regular usage.

Cheap windows are much like cheap cars. They are a buyer beware product. The cheapest car on the car lot may seem like a bargain until you're a few years down the road and it has problems.

Some of the really terrible ones I've dealt with are Home Depots American Craftsman, Home Craftsman Windows (local to the Dallas area), JELD-WEN, Andersen and Pella Vinyl Windows are all awful (makes you wonder why they wasted their good name on a crappy window), Maritech Windows are pretty low end as are the bottom offerings at General Aluminum or Atrium. 

Danvid was a terrible window from a performance standpoint but there are thousands in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex from a solid 20 years of market domination. They built the cheap windows that builders liked to use. They were eventually bought out and sold to Atrium but established Maritech to service outlying lumber stores in rural areas.

Much like my earlier car analogy, I think it's best to get the right window for you and your home.  Sometimes that's a cheap vinyl window and sometimes it's something better.  I loved vanilla ice cream until I had rocky road! chocolate mint or chocolate almond.

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