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Don Young Thermal Break Aluminum Bronze Replacement Windows

Bronze Thermal Break Replacement Windows with Colonial Lite Grids.  This was in the Richardson area.  This is one of our most popular window manufacturers.

This is the old aluminum approach to replacement windows.  As vinyl windows were being perfected aluminum moved to the thermally broken aluminum window.  This is a window that has a plastic barrier between the two extruded pieces of metal to provide a frame that is less condusive to heat and cold.  It was the standard in higher performing windows up into the 80's but has fallen away in popularity over the last two decades because it is only capable of a .35 U Value and the Energy Star Ratings require a .30 or lower for approval.

Bronze replacement windows Dallas Texas

In a modern context we've moved to two toned vinyl bronze replacement windows.  This is a bronze vinyl window on the exterior but it's still white on the interior.  We achieve this with a laminated exterior or a painted exterior. We offer four different manufacturers of bronze replacement windows in the vinyl format and three in the aluminum.

More of the aluminum bronze replacement window pictured.

Marvin Wood with Metal Exterior Bronze Replacement Windows

Bronze replacement windows. These are Marvin Windows and are wood with bronze aluminum cladding.

Marvin Wood Windows.  This is the expensive approach to bronze replacement windows but its a beautiful look inside and out. You can see more of this in our gallery.

NT Window painted exterior vinyl bronze replacement windows

NT Window X-110 Energy Master Vinyl Bronze Replacement Window.  This is also called the Executive Series.

The NT Window painted vinyl bronze replacement window is a great pick for keeping more glass and having less frame. This frame is only 2 5/8 inches thick and leaves a great deal of glass unobstructed. Most painted bronze replacement windows carry a maximum of a 10 year warranty.  Experience tells us they really last considerably longer but do fade a bit.

Alside Frameworks Custom Exterior Colored Vinyl Replacement Windows

Alside has an offering that is great for bronze replacement windows as well. This is the Frameworks series casement.

Alside Frameworks Laminated Vinyl Exterior can come as bronze replacement windows. 

This is a great product available in their casement, awning and double hung Ultra Max replacement windows. The laminated exterior is different from painting and offers a longer life overall with a 20 year warranty.

For all the options available and easy pricing and installation information call us today and let us be of service personally!!

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