Bays and Bow Windows in Dallas Texas

Bay Windows and Bow Windows

A Bay window has three panels.  A Bow window has four or more panels. They are sometimes factory constructed on a one and one half inch thick piece of oak plywood with roofs above them.  The manufacturers we use custom build these units to the quarter inch. 

For Bay windows, the standard configuration is to have a picture window in the center and either double hung flankers (the two outside windows move up and down) or casement flankers (windows that crank out).

A Bow unit has four or more windows placed in a semi-circle. It is also constructed on one and a half inch oak plywood and custom sized to within a quarter of an inch. Retro-fit bows and bays can work a bit differently depending on the application.

Bow units like the one in the picture are assembled on the job site from individual windows.  We then custom bend mullions inside and out to make a completed product.  This enables us to work with the existing brick in way that pre-manufactured bows really don't allow.  As you can see the results are truly astounding.

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