Wood Windows

Well... if you read my resume you know that I have extensive experience with Wood windows.  They usually have name recognition Like Andersen, Pella, Jeldwen or Marvin and a wonderful look that is heavy and stately and elegant.

Andersen Wood Windows

They are truly outstanding....when you build your home and you have it built for the window sizes available through your manufacturer. But here's the bad news... if you aren't building your home with wood windows in mind, they really don't fit as easily as we'd hope they would in retrofit applications. Here's why.  

Example: A size I order a lot in Texas is a 36" X 52" retrofit brick window (actual size 35 3/4" X 51 3/4"

Andersen Windows, Pella Windows, Kolbe and Kolbe Windows, and Marvin Windows build wood windows in certain sizes...no bigger...no smaller...it is always up to the carpenter to make trim decisions and sizing preparations. This is where experience is so valuable. Wood Windows are alot like a craft project or a piece of fine furniture. Every detail is important.

Andersen Window's closest size offering is 35 5/8" X 48 7/8".  Great for width, Just under three inches shorter than my preferred size.

Pella Wood Windows

Pella Windows does offer custom sizing in the Architect Series but it drives the cost up to 750 and up, then jamb extensions, interior casing and labor is on top of that.  Note that the closest we get to a 35 3/4" X 51 3/4" from Pella is a 3347 (33" X 47") in standard sizing. Both considerably narrower and shorter than my preferred size.

It is up to the carpenter to make most wood windows fit in that opening and look good...Custom Sizes are usually not available, and too pricey when you do see them.  This can be expensive in labor due to build outs, build ins, and trim costs to case the interior and exterior.  As you can see wood windows require expertese and special insight when used in Retro-fit applications.

I've never done a house full without having at least one or two windows end up being 3 or 4 inches too short or two narrow.......this means building in and wide interior trim at the very least, and in many cases, sheetrock...topping compound...texturing. and interior wall painting to attain our finished product. 

Most wood windows require jamb extensions that float them to the inside of the home (flush with the interior sheetrock) where they are then cased with interior door casing (similar to our bow and bay units or your front entry doors) .  If you desire an actual window sill... you need to special order that at the time of the placement of your order. 

Installation Cost : Varies from unit to unit but starts at $250.00 per window.  Twins count as two units.  Trim costs are additional.

These require extensive planning.  I recommend looking through the companies web site (whoever it may be) and determine which models are closest to the openings in your home. When we compare the exact unit sizes of the unit your considering and compare it with the opening sizes on your home it helps paint a picture of how much trimming,  filling or cutting will be necessary to install the windows in your home.

Wood Casement Window with Simulated Divided Lites and Aluminum Clad Exterior - All Exterior Trim is also Aluminum Clad for a no maintenence exterior.  This quality wood replacement window is both beautiful and energy effecient and qualifies for all Federal Tax incentives and rebates from the 2009 Stimulus.

There are options for many applications in Wood Windows

Alside Vinyl :

Wood Window Style

The wood window of the future isn't wood at all.  Alside has a wood grained interior vinyl unit. Alside and NT Windows makes a simulated divided lite window in vinyl. They are both more cost effective than a true wood unit and can be custom sized.

These are some of the most interesting alternatives to standard wood that I've seen.  Both options can really look like wood.  They have the wood look, custom sizing, grids, argon gas, maintenance free exterior and a reasonable price tag.  Grids can be standard white, sculptured white, simulated wood, or brass between the panes.  They are available in standard spacing or a variety of custom grid set ups. For the divided lite aesthetic you really do have some choices in vinyl if the exterior colors of white or beige are acceptable. For a Wood Grained interior you have some choices as well but are still relegated to white, beige, or a chocolate brown exterior. All other exterior cladding colors and paintable exterior products will be wood units.

Jeldwen Wood Windows

My personal favorite for wood windows in Dallas is the Jeldwen.  It has the aluminum exterior (that just looks more "commercial" to me as opposed to Andersen's vinyl exterior).  It can run from 700 to 1200 dollars for the unit.

Highland Park, University Park, The Lakeland area and other parts of North Dallas have homeowners requirements that dictate the use of wood windows exclusively.

It's often good to check with the homeowners association to see if there are specific wood window requirements in your part of Dallas and surrounding areas.


Marvin Wood Windows

Wood Replacement Windows in Dallas Texas from The Window Connection - Interior View

This was a great Wood Window Installation in Trophy Club, Texas. Wood Windows are thicker than vinyl windows and aluminum replacement windows. Knowing the options is key with Wood Windows.

Cedar Wood Windows

Wood Replacement Windows in Dallas Texas from The Window Connection

Exterior and interior trim are key when utilizing Wood Replacement Windows. Energy effeciency is always assured as well with any of the better Wood Replacement Window Manufacturers.


Wood Window Interior

Wood Window Exterior

Jeldwen Wood Casement Replacement Windows with Simulated Divided Lites in Dallas Texas

Wood Casement Replacement Windows With Simulated Divided Lite Grids. These were Jeldwen Wood Replacement Windows. Wood Windows are a big seller here in Dallas Texas and surrounding communities. The grids protruding from the glass is a very different aesthetic from grids in between the glass panes



Wood Replacement Windows with Simulated Divided Lite Grids in Dallas Texas

When done by a professional window and door installer there is never a need to remove the brick or damage the interior or exterior of the home. Careful planning of your wood window project is our passion and our pleasure at The Window Connection



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