Vinyl Windows Southlake

Single Paned Builders Grade Windows with Grids in Southlake Texas

Single hung vinyl windows Southlake.

Before and After of the Kitchen area. This Southlake home utilized Single Hung Vinyl Windows as opposed to double hungs.

The double hung has less glass, more frame and doesn't work well without a full screen when ventilating the top sash.

Also it's tough to tilt in a 40" top sash when the window is built as an oriole as pictured here.

Most taller windows are built this way and it's called an Oriole type window.

This design keeps the bar out of the center of the line of site when sitting on a sofa or dining room chair and looking out the window.

Builders also use it to keep from exceeding certain safety glass requirements for all types of windows, beit vinyl windows, wood windows or aluminum windows.

Knowing more about vinyl windows than other sources makes it fun to share our passion for your home.


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