Single Hung Aluminum Windows

Single Hung means it operates from the bottom and moves up to open!

There are two versions of this window.  These are the only units available in the color Bronze without going to a painted or laminated vinyl window.  This is what you usually see when you see dark brown windows in Dallas and North Texas. They are available in White or Almond as well.  

The two types are drastically different.

Non Thermally Broken Single Hung Aluminum Windows

Builders grade aluminum windows are our most in-expensive windows.  They are comparable to the windows installed in new construction homes.  they do have insulated glass but the continuous aluminum frame can present a condensation problem.  These are usually used in homes that will be sold within a short time frame.

Thermally Broken Single Hung Aluminum Windows

This aluminum window is a more commercial grade unit.  It has a poured and de-bridged plastic rib in the center of both the main frame and the sash frame parts.  This plastic rib prevents the conduction of heat and cold through the frame.  This keeps the interior nice and comfy at room temperature while the outside of the frame is able to face the heat or cold of the elements.

Key Benefits

Builders Grade has 7/16" or 1/2" insulated glass.   Thermo-break has 3/4" insulated glass and a tilting bottom sash.
  • 2 3/4" main frame...available with or without nailing fins
  • Available in White, Almond, or Bronze
  • Screens Included
  • High Performance Glass available
  • Argon Gas Available
  • 6063/T5 Aluminum Alloy 
  • Double Cam Locks

This is a Thermal Window frame. Learn more at this link:

Thermo-Break Frames

The thermal break frame is available as a double hung as well!

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